domingo, 29 de julio de 2012

Me... introduced once again

I begin the English version of my blog (no bigger protocol about this issue). This is a little difficult for me, not because of the language, but because of the time it takes me to decide whether to write in one language or another and the lack of ideas. The reasons, well, I like languages. Also, I think sometimes my message (to talk about my country) can sometimes be better listened in English (the second most spoken language in the world, after Chinese and before Spanish).

If you happen to be a reader from my blog already (meaning you read Spanish), you should know I'm just a humble Mexican student living in Mexico (wow that was surprising!). I study Marketing to get my Master Degree and Japanese to get happiness. I love everything about Japan, broadly speaking. I love Mexican and Japanese food (though I can eat Italian cuisine very well). Japan is my dream and I plan to accomplish it by 2014 (October). For now, I need to learn a lot before leaving.

As you can see, I attempt to learn languages, maybe because my right side of the brain is a little more developed than the left one. I'm better at Spanish grammar than any other language, but still I enjoy learning other languages. As for English, last time I did a TOEFL exam, it said I was bilingual, but I'm pretty sure it is not to trust very much because I suck at communicating in English (now that I think of it, maybe it's more because my lack of imagination rather than my lack of language skills).

What to expect in this English section? Information about Mexico: Tourism, travel, food, and anything that people around the world, regarding the language, could be interested in. As for Japan info, I hope I can update it in English, but for now it will be in Spanish only (sorry, time's little to use two languages).

Please be warned that you can find very strange words or very plain English, that's because living in a n only Spanish speaking place, I'm not exposed to idiomatic uses of English and sometimes I mix everything, as long as it sound good for me. Feel free to correct me when you see a mistake (no matter how small, no matter how big).

That's it for introduction; hope you all enjoy reading my ideas and thoughts about Mexico.


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